About Us

Frank and Barbara Smith decided to bring the tasteful, soft serve ice cream that they love so much to San Antonio/Austin, Texas. “We love ice cream and could not be more excited.” This venture was decided along with our three children. When we moved to San Antonio/Austin from the East Coast, we missed the experience Mister Softee brought to us at our home while watching our favorite TV shows or just spending time with family and friends. Mister Softee is an ice cream parlor on wheels that will not only drive the neighborhoods of San Antonio/Austin but also handle every type of party, festival or employee event!

Mister Softee has been delivering the best ice cream to customers for years. Mister Softee San Antonio/Austin looks forward to continuing the delicious tradition of bringing the best soft serve to all San Antonians. Whether you want an ice cream cone, a sundae, an ice cream float, an ice cream shake or a banana boat listen for the jingle and come and get it!

The Smith Family looks forward to serving the San Antonio/Austin, Texas area!